The NorCal Community Resilience Network consists of a Regional Steering Committee that initiated or renewed its term of service in Fall 2016. Committee members are currently volunteering their time or receive small stipends for their work with the Network.

The Advisory Team advises the Steering committee.

Steering Committee:

Susan Silber: Susan was introduced to community resilience after learning about the Transition Movement and co-founded the Berkeley Transition Initiative five years ago. Susan was co-producer of the Building Resilience Communities Convergence in both 2013 and 2015, and Community Resilience Challenge for two years. She also worked as an environmental educator for the past 25 years, and is proud to have introduced thousands of youth to the joys of nature, working with the Green Schools Initiative, Hostelling International, the Peace Corps and other programs.

Brandi Mack: Brandi is a holistic health educator, therapeutic massage therapist, and permaculture designer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Management, and a certification from Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training. Brandi is motivated to work in community, particularly with young people. Brandi formerly directed Girls 2000, a year-round after school program that serves girls who live in the housing authority of Hunter’s Point.

Ayako Nagano:  Ayako is an attorney, entrepreneur, community organizer and frequent volunteer at Transition Berkeley. She presently serves on the Board of ZenPlay, a charitable organization that crowd-sources funds to help under-served children both locally and globally. Ayako has utilized her non-profit and legal experience to support diverse causes including the Japanese-speaking persons living in the United States; tenant rights in Oakland; the HIV Law Project in New York City; the Union of Needletrade, Industrial, and Textile Employees; women’s rights, and human rights.

Molly Hoffman: Molly is an event producer and community organizer with a background in Permaculture Design, Visual Arts and Placemaking. Her work is driven by the understanding that the equity and health of people are not mutually exclusive to the health of our planet. She’s most passionate about events that use the “social glues” of our world—food, art, music—as catalysts for change. She’s currently serving as the Events Steward at PLACE For Sustainable Living in Oakland.

Daisy Ozim: Daisy is the Director of Resilient Wellness, a health system designed to end the cycles of multi-generational trauma in marginalized communities. She has been involved in community-based outreach, advocacy and civic youth engagement since her late teens. As a seasoned health advocate based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Daisy is a fierce proponent of health and wellness, as well as decolonizing all aspects of the public sector. She dedicates time outside of her advocacy life to training in holistic health. In addition, she has worked on issues including healthcare quality and political empowerment for young women, public health implications of police violence, and increasing visibility of self-care for social justice advocates.

Crystal Huang: Crystal employs strategy and implements operations for organizations working on building sustainable systems. She has worked in variety of sectors, including public, private, and development sectors, driving strategy decisions for startups, non-profits and C-suite. Her experience in sustainability consists of resource recovery, energy management, and clean technology. She was also the Associate Producer for Charles Ferguson’s new film, Time to Choose, on climate solutions. Her passion is to inspire and empower individuals to create a future of abundance. She believes that every single individual today is well-equipped to create a world they want to see.

Maya Blow: Maya is an herbalist, classical homeopath, permaculturist, and organic farmer. She is co-owner of Soul Flower Farm, where she lives and enjoys gardening, animal husbandry, foraging for wild food, fermenting and canning, making herbal medicine, cheese making, and dying with plants. She is a current teacher for the California Women of Color Herbal Symposium, as well as on the faculty of the Institute of Urban Homesteading based out of Oakland California. Maya has been studying, practicing and making herbal medicine for over fifteen years and brings to her practice an innate sensitivity, empathy and powerful intuition towards her clients. Besides her passion for holistic and alternative medicine, Maya teaches nature studies, gardening, herbal medicine making and many other homesteading and DIY classes at Soul Flower Farm’s newly-launched School of Earth Medicine.

Yasir Cross: Yasir is a design engineer by trade and has been practicing permaculture design for many years. He is a grey water specialist as well as a skilled builder. He is passionate about natural beekeeping and has been studying and keeping bees successfully for almost a decade. Yasir is also a crafter and artist who loves to work with his hands.  He has a natural gift for fixing just about anything and as an organic farmer is putting that gift to good use. A student of the biodynamic farming methodology, Yasir is using, learning, and teaching his experience.  Sustainable building, grafting fruit trees, composting, double digging, and building soil are some of his interests. Yasir is co-owner of Soul Flower Farm where he lives with his wife, sons, chickens, bees and jersey milk cows.

Lucy (Luz) O’Leary: Lucy, or Luz, is a community organizer and artivist with a background in research, education, and permaculture design. Luz worked as a labor and community organizer in her hometown of Los Angeles before traveling for two years in Latin America as a student of permaculture, traditional music, and Buddhist meditation. During this time, she served as Intercultural Education Coordinator at Alianza Arkana, a grassroots alliance of indigenous communities and international allies working to protect and regenerate the Peruvian Amazon. Luz is currently partnering with the Creative Liberation Network on the pilot design of a permaculture-inspired treasure hunt in Oakland.

NorCal Network Advisors

Starhawk  (Author & Founder, Earth Activist Training)

Corrine Van Hook and Colin Miller (Co-Directors, Rooted in Resilience)

Marissa Mammaerts and Carolyne Stayton (Directors, Transition U.S.)

Trathen Heckman (Co-Founder, Daily Acts Organization)

Pandora Thomas (Permaculture Educator, Co-Founder & Director, Black Permaculture Network)

Penny Livingston-Stark (Co-Director, Regenerative Design Institute)

Nahal Ghoghoie (Bay Area Program Coordinator, The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water)

Marissa LaMagma (Executive Director, Bay Area Green Tours)

Kat Steele (Permaculture Educator)

Leslie Meehan (Threshold Foundation, Compassion Games)

Kevin Bayuk (Worker-owner, Lift Economy; Urban Permaculture Institute)

Howard Cohen (Music and Events Producer, Rightside Solutions)

John Valenzuela (Horticulturist, consultant and educator)

Joe Goerbert (Startup Consultant and Impact Entrepreneur, BrainHive)