Capacity Building

NorCal Resilience Network’s approach to Capacity Building is multi-pronged and holistic by a) facilitate regular in-person convenings and phone calls for emerging leaders who want support with fundraising and project development within their prospective bioregions b) convene a monthly workshop series to support organizational development and c) develop online resources to support grassroots leaders. 

Workshops & Webinars

NorCal Community Resilience Network coordinates workshops for those who are wanting to learn more about how to better build resilient communities and regenerative communities. Previous events included: Decolonizing Permaculture; Whiteness, Radical Inclusivity and the Environmental Movement; Drumming Gatherings.

Our partner Transition US also has a host of webinar archives on their website open to the public, as well as ongoing teleseminar series we hope our communities in Northern California take advantage of!

Want to host a Workshop?

We would love to hear from you if you want to facilitate a workshop related to community resilience and regeneration! Protecting one another against disasters or police violence, mitigating air or water pollution, and how to make our movements more inclusive are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless!

If you have a space you can offer, living room or co-working space or community center, we would also love to hear from you! We are in the process of doing inventory of different gathering spaces within each bioregion, so the more the better!

Please email if you or your organization are interested in hosting a workshop!


Building Resilient Communities Convergence (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017)

NorCal Resilience has been a major sponsor and organizer for the Building Resilience Communities and Permaculture Convergence since 2013. The conference is part festival, part conference, with dozens of workshops, live music and keynote speeches. NorCal Resilience has hosted numerous workshops and helped to organize the programming, from courageous conversations with Native Americans to workshops for storytellers. It’s an amazing 3-day gathering of sustainability enthusiasts, permaculture designers, social entrepreneurs, community organizers, social justice activists, musicians, artists, and people inspired to make a difference coming together to celebrate and share best practices, tools, and technologies to strengthen our shared goals and the movement at large.

Community Resilience Challenge

The NorCal Network has helped to spearhead a number of community resilience workshops, inspiring emerging leaders to take action in their communities to build resilience on a home and neighborhood scale. We collaborated with Daily Acts to co-host a community organizing workshop with more than 40 leaders from around Humboldt and with Bay Localize (now Rooted in Resilience) to organize a workshop in Oakland build solidarity with 70+ leaders from Orinda to Oakland and launch the 2016 Community Resilience Challenge.

Soul Flower Farm Action Day

Permaculture Action Network co-hosted an epic work party at Soul Farm Farm in El Sobrante in April 2017. The fun-filled day featured 15 different work projects (from planting trees to mural painting), live music and free food. Clost to 150 people joined the festivities. “This had everything I wanted in one day,” commented one participant. “Food, fun, community, a good day’s work – what more could I ask for?”