Connect and Collaborate with X-Pollinators

The NorCal Network is thrilled to be partnering with the X-Pollinators, (pronounced “cross pollinators”)  a centralized hub for grassroots organizations and community members to connect and map out the Community Resilience Movement. The X-Pollinators helps to store and share collective learnings and experience, so community organizers can focus their resources in the right place for those most in need. It’s like our own private Facebook!

NorCal Network Landing Page

You can use the Network’s X-Pollinators landing page to connect with fellow organizers who are part of the Network’s Circle of Collaborators.



Attend skill shares, work parties and other events organized by our Circle of Collaborators.



Learn more about the groups and businesses who have joined the Circle of Collaborators.




Have an immediate need or offer? This is the space to connect with Collaborators in our Network!

Other X-Pollinator Tools

The X-Pollinators also offers a unique array of online tools, designed to support both fellow organizers in the community resilience movement as well as those simply wanting to learn more about regenerative culture. Check out their video to learn more about their vision and services.

Join the Conversation: Join the hundreds of movers and shakers from around the region who are organizing or simply interested in building resilient communities from the ground up. Create an account and start connecting!

Map out the Movement Check out the X-Pollinators asset map to find out the amazing organizations doing transformational work around Northern California and the rest of the country. Then add your project or organization to the map.

Join a Working Group: X-Pollinators also connects with other groups around the country, and hosts groups for other specific topics. You have or host discussions about specific topics, from jobs to fundraising advise.