Founding Circle of Collaborators Requests

  1. Fill out your personal profile on  the X-Pollinators site.
  2. Fill out the pre-launch survey.
  3. Share a photo and/or story about your organization! 
  4. Fill out a post-pilot test survey.
  5. Approve the guidelines and governing structure.
  6. Get to know at least one collaborating organization! Find all the Collaborators on our website or X-Pollinator landing page.
    • Attend events of fellow collaborators
    • Invite them to your event or project.
  7. Announce your affiliation with the Network to your social media channels, after our name has been changed.

We also encourage you to:

  1. Lead or join a:
    1. Bioregional group
    2. Regional working group
    3. Regional Steering Committee (please apply)
  2. Become a Seed Donor
  3. Attend or agree to facilitate one of our organizational development workshops.
  4. Offer a discount to your events to fellow collaborators.


The X-Pollinator Platform

We are excited to be partnering with X-Pollinators to streamline and support an innovative online community platform. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Crystal:

To edit or add your organization on X-Pollinators:

1) Create an account on CrossPollinators site to add your Organization to our page. Please make sure to create a personal account to manage your Organization.

2) Complete your personal profile and “about me,” so we all know how to best engage with you.

3) Now that you have an account, find your Organization on the NorCal Network Pollination Pad. When you are in your Organization page, click on “Claim Listing to Edit.”

4) Edit your Organization and make sure you include something in the Action Opportunity, so we all know how to foster collaboration within this circle!

5) Don’t See Your Organization Listed? In order for your Organization to show up on the NorCal Network Pollination Pad, please make sure to check “NorCal Community Resilience Network” as Partner Organization in Category.

Again, If you run into any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact Crystal at

If you want to add an upcoming event:

  1. Add your event to the X-Pollinator Calendar.  
  2. Make sure to mention that you are in the Circle of Collaborators for NorCal Community Resilience Network in order for your event to show up on the events feed for NorCal Network.
  3. Please note that Network staff will not be responsible for posting your event on the X-Pollinators platform.  If you do ask Network staff to promote an event, we will list it through our Facebook pages and Twitter.

If you have an immediate announcement for the Circle of Collaborators:

Go to the Communication Section and Join the group to post your announcements or needs/offers to the group. You can also post your announcement on your Personal Profile and Organization Profile.


Membership is entirely free through the end of our pilot period in August 15, 2017, but we are offering the opportunity for members to become Seed Donors. In September we will be offering our services to members using a gift ecology model.