We need a new story about our future as humanity on this planet. The Community Resilience Challenge is an opportunity for us to come together, show our communities what a more resilient future looks like, and start building it!

The Community Resilience Challenge is organized around four themes: Save Water, Grow Food, Conserve Energy, and Build Community. During the Challenge participants will commit to undertaking specific actions that fall under each theme such as installing a greywater system, planting a garden, weatherizing their home and/or coordinating a community project. The Challenge is a great reason to take care of home and garden improvements, to organize a work party in your neighborhood, or to plan a community visioning event.

Joining the Challenge is as easy as one, two, three …

Plan a community resilience action during the month of May (think sheet-mulching, greywater, gardening, etc. See below for project ideas). If you need inspiration there are over 40 ideas on the registration page!
Register your action(s) for free to be counted. This is important and only takes one minute! The Community Resilience Challenge is more than a call to action – it will measure our collective impact based on actions registered and show what we are capable of as a movement. This is a huge opportunity.
Send your stories & photos to photos@transitionus.org so we can share them and inspire others!