Meet some of Northern California’s most inspirational heroes below, working hard to build resilient communities, from planting gardens to organizing place-making initiatives to bringing youth changemakers together to create beautiful music.

 Jada Imani  

“We cannot be fear in a society torn by fear- I must be love. I also open up and share as much as I can.  Through Tatu Vision, I create and host spaces at least in my twice a month which are all ages and donation based.  Each month we unite as a community to celebrate our beauty, resilience, local artists, and forward-thinking creativity.  We noticed there are toxins in the dominant culture which perpetuate a cycle of sexism, xenophobia and separation through fear and ignorance.  So we intentionally spaces which offer an alternative culture of inclusivity, empowerment and unity.” Read Jada’s story here. 


Daisy Ozim

“As a child of Nigerian immigrants, I felt as though I get the best of both worlds. Nigerian culture and African American culture. I’ve been involved in community based outreach and advocacy and civic youth engagement, since my late teens. I became a fierce proponent of health and wellness as well as decolonizing all aspects of the public sector when i realized that systemic trauma was the number one leading cause of economic, education, health and social disparities In addition I spent  time outside of my advocacy life to train in holistic health. I’ve been blessed to work on several issues including, health care quality for young women, public health implications of police violence, increasing visibility of self-care for social justice advocates and political empowerment for young women.” Read Daisy’s story here.


Kelly Jiang

“I have learned how difficult grassroots organizing is, it is not like a company where everything is organized to flow. But it is like trying to invest time to bring together the different ideas together and allow them decide to realize what is good for their communities. Read Kelly’s story here.


Jessica Bates

“We have a very supportive community here and so we really rely on each other for support. We are not just sharing items but we are sharing life”

Read Jessica’s story here.