The NorCal Network is pleased to host the Nature’s Voices Project, which combines the power of environmental education programs, storytelling and youth voices to build support for a sustainable, resilient and equitable world. The Nature’s Voices Project was founded in 2012 by Network founder Susan Silber and Deborah Moore, with support from Deborah Moore and the Green Schools Initiative. Nature’s Voices’s vision is amplify the voices of young people by collecting, sharing and showcasing their environmental inspirational stories with decision-makers, educators, our allies and the general public through online and community platforms. From 2012-15 we hosted an annual writing contest, professional development workshops and a website portal that collected stories from students around the country.

You can find our resources on the Nature’s Voices website:

Our 2017 Plans

Nature’s Voices is honored to have received funding to have received a grant from the Dean Witter Foundation to continue our work. Stay tuned for how to get involved in the following projects, which will be focused on youth-driven, community-based, permaculture-inspired solutions in Northern California:

Mini-Grants Program: We will be offering four $500 grants to youth environmental programs, who are interested in using the funds to create a stories project (video, spoken word, photos, writing, etc.) that showcase their work.

Creative Expressions Contest: We will be inviting youth to submit a song, spoken word/rap, essay or video about how they are building a resilient community and why it matters. The contest will offer prizes and will be promoted to a wider audience.

Meet the Changemakers: We will be interviewing youth from around Northern California as part of our Meet the Changemakers series, who are doing exemplary work to build resilient homes, schools, neighborhoods and communities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Nature’s Voices Project and how to get involved, please contact Susan: susan”at”


“My generation is going to be inheriting the crisis we see all around us today. We are standing up not only for the environment and the Earth and the atmosphere but for the rights we have to live in a healthy, just and sustainable world. We are the generation that gets to rewrite history. The pen is in our hands, and we are rewriting history today,” Xiutezcatl Tonatiuh, founder of Earth Guardians.