Daily Acts is thrilled to be partnering with the City of Sebastopol and Permaculture Artisans on the landscape transformation project ‘Our Front Yard’. The project is a community-powered effort to mobilize and organize citizen volunteers to install and maintain a living history garden at the Sebastopol City Hall and Library, right in the heart of downtown. The City Hall and Library are like Sebastopol’s communal living room, and the exterior spaces around them are like Sebastopol’s front yard. ‘Our Front Yard’  will make these prominent spaces more like Sebastopol itself: beautiful, productive, purposeful, and a source of pride. On March 22nd, 88 volunteers sheet mulched the site and on May 17th we’ll be putting plants in the ground! Please join us for the planting party by registering here.

The current landscaping and water-thirsty turf is making way for…

Water Conservation and Sustainability
We’ll be sheet mulching water-thirsty turf, installing efficient drip irrigation, planting water-wise natives, implementing ecological landscaping techniques and planting edibles and fruit trees to create an edible forest garden. The landscape transformation can yield powerful sustainability benefits and the hope is that it inspires residents to transform their own landscaping, thus benefitting the whole community.

Botany as History
The landscape design, which was donated by Permaculture Artisans, tells the story of Sebastopol through four major eras in the city’s history:

1.     Indigenous plants that sustained our native peoples and wildlife;
2.     Food crops planted by pioneers and immigrants;
3.     Luther Burbank’s influence on Sebastopol’s botanical environment;
4.     Contemporary Sebastopol, with its emphasis on conservation and sustainability.

Civic Pride
The City Hall and Library are Sebastopol’s two most prominent public buildings in the downtown area. ‘Our Front Yard’ will be a welcoming, attractive outdoor space and a source of beauty for residents and visitors.