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How do we mobilize the grassroots? How do we step up our efforts to build resilient communities?


The NorCal Community Resilience Network envisions a network of conscious, locally self-reliant and interconnected citizens, groups and communities that are resilient – ready to respond to the crises of our times with grace, joyfulness, compassion and integrity. We know that we face seemingly insurmountable challenges as humanity on this planet. But rather than focusing on the “doom and gloom” we work on taking a proactive hands-on approach to building our localized resilient communities and adapting to changes that will be coming our way with grace, joyfulness, compassion and integrity. We believe in the power of community and working together to meet our needs and create local, resilient communities. We want to empower ordinary citizens to become extraordinary leaders.


  • To broaden the community resilience and permaculture movements by sharing our stories, supporting collaborations promoting partnerships with “edge”/allied organizations and movements;  
  • To support permaculture projects that address access, justice, racial, class and gender justice  
  • To strengthen and build capacity for grassroots community resilience groups, including Transition Initiatives, permaculture guilds, granges and other citizen action groups, through leadership development opportunities, sharing best practices and supporting replicable models;
  • To enhance collaborative efforts, communication, peer-to-peer learning sharing of resources between leaders and groups.


The NorCal Community Resilience Network was founded by Susan Silber, a longtime environmental educator and community organizer. Her original intent was to help support Transition groups from around Northern California; after helping to organize the 2012 Transition Conference. In 2013 Permaculture and Transition leaders combined conferences to produce the Building Resilient Communities Convergence, a magical weekend with 500 movers and shakers! Susan then then expanded the Network vision to permaculture and community resilience groups after realizing the power of collaborating with grassroots efforts from both movements across the region. The Network is in its infancy stage, a mostly volunteer effort.  We are looking to create several local bioregional groups (East Bay, North Bay, etc.), each with its own unique projects; and have started a regional steering committee that supports each of the bioregional groups. Our Draft Strategic Plan can be found here. aboutus-history