“Resilient Neighborhoods: Ready for Anything” is an exciting new initiative that brings together a diversity of sectors, resources and programs offering a holistic readiness model that prepares homes and neighborhoods for natural disasters, climate change and other stresses in our community.

A Ready for Anything Home looks like: 

  • Sustainability features, including greywater, rain water catchment, solar, chickens and an edible garden
  • Ready for disasters, with a robust supply of water, food and supplies for earthquakes and other disasters
  • Sharing with your neighbors – from potlucks to movie nights to sharing backyard produce

Our Goals:

  • TO EDUCATE: To help residents understand the overlapping actions of growing food, conserving water and building communities helps both combat climate change and prepare for disasters
  • TO PREPARE: To create tangible projects and programs that help more homes become resilient through water, gardens, solar and empowered emergency preparedness actions; including saving thousands of gallons of water and teaching residents about how to increase their own readiness, resilience and safety.
  • TO EMPOWER: To foster and cultivate local leadership and civic engagement, by providing tools for  neighbors to lead resiliency projects.
  • TO HONOR SOCIAL COHESION AS A FUNDAMENTAL RESILIENCY FACTOR: To honor and promote neighbors and groups who are working together on a community project as a critical factor in reducing violence, building trust and creating a stronger neighborhood.

Get involved! Organize a Ready for Anything work party!

If you live in the East Bay, you can sign up to co-organize one with Network staff. Email Nnej: jenniferkennedys@gmail.com.