The NorCal Community Resilience Network was founded in 2013 by Susan Silber, a longtime environmental educator and community organizer. Susan’s original intent was to support Transition groups from across Northern California after helping to organize the 2012 Transition Conference. In 2013, permaculture and Transition leaders combined conferences to produce the first Building Resilient Communities Convergence. In a desire to support grassroots efforts across the region beyond this annual event, the Network vision expanded to include permaculture and community resilience groups so as to strengthen connections and collaborations born out of the yearly gatherings. Since its inception, the organization has sought to integrate an ethos of social justice and radical inclusion in order to support transformation in the environmental movement as a whole.

Though we are just launching our Circle of Collaborators, the NorCal Network has organized some impressive events and projects since it first began. The stories below demonstrate some of the many ways that our people-powered, nature-inspired, community-based approach has made an impact in the movement to build resilient and regenerative communities.  

Building Resilient Communities Convergence (2013, 2015 and 2016)

NorCal Resilience has been a major sponsor and organizer for the Building Resilience Communities and Permaculture Convergence since 2013. The conference is part festival, part conference, with dozens of workshops, live music and keynote speeches. NorCal Resilience has hosted numerous workshops and helped to organize the programming, from courageous conversations with Native Americans to workshops for storytellers.




Community Resilience Challenge

gill-tractThe NorCal Network has helped to spearhead a number of community resilience workshops, inspiring emerging leaders to take action in their communities to build resilience on a home and neighborhood scale. We collaborated with Daily Acts to co-host a community organizing workshop with more than 40 leaders from around Humboldt and with Bay Localize (now Rooted in Resilience) to organize a workshop in Oakland build solidarity with 70+ leaders from Orinda to Oakland and launch the 2016 Community Resilience Challenge.

 Soul Flower Farm Action Day

dig_nPermaculture Action Network co-hosted an epic work party at Soul Farm Farm in El Sobrante in April 2017. The fun-filled day featured 15 different work projects (from planting trees to mural painting), live music and free food. Clost to 150 people joined the festivities. “This had everything I wanted in one day,” commented one participant. “Food, fun, community, a good day’s work – what more could I ask for?”